books and dreams by camille

By Camille

For as long as I can remember I have loved to read.

Something about the freedom and creativity of books drew me in. I read because the moments I am enthralled in an amazing book are some of the best moments. I read to learn, to explore, to dream, to wonder, and I read because books are part of who I am. I carry with me a small piece of every story I have ever read. I’m adventurous from my years of reading The Magic Treehouse series as a kid, I’m poetic from reading most of Shakespeare’s plays, and I’m fearless and wild thanks to the The Throne of Glass series. I like to think every glimmer of who I am is affected by the stories I read and cherish.

I love the smell and look of old books, ones that you know have a story, and not just the one inside of it. But nothing is more satisfying than opening a new book fresh off the press, and knowing no one but you has ever peeked inside. It’s all yours.

There’s a story for everyone, and so when people say they hate to read, it breaks my heart because they just don’t know what they are missing.

So, here’s my list of why reading is the most amazing thing:

  1. You can travel the world without leaving your room.
  2. You will never have moments where you are sitting around doing nothing.
  3. You will know some really cool and random facts.
  4. You can make friends by bonding over books you’ve both read.
  5. They are seriously inspiring.
  6. They can calm you down.
  7. They give you something to dream about.
  8. They allow you to escape the laws of reality, and can send you into worlds of endless magic, freedom and creativity.
  9. They can change how you see things, and broaden your mind.
  10. If you let them, they can be your best friends.
  11. There’s a book for everyone.