Here’s Why Fairy Lights Make Me Happy

    This week’s favorite is Fairy Lights.

    As it gets colder I start to spend more time cuddled up in my bed, and one of the things I have loved ever since middle school are these pretty fairy lights.


    In 7th grade I was in love with the Tumblr room aesthetic. I had band posters and twinkly lights everywhere. Being the style chameleon I tend to be, I went on to adopt many of the elements I saw in those rooms. Over time, the posters came down, paintings went up, and four years later the lights are still hanging from my wall.

    I plug them in every afternoon as soon as it starts to get dark, and keep them on late into the night, using their light to read or just lie in bed watching them sparkle. I feel like they add a magical aura to my space and relax me. I honestly don’t think I will ever take them down.

    Pirl room decor

    Do you have favorite things in your room that you love even more when the weather changes?

    Share your weekly fave with your friends. It’s such a great way to think back on the best parts of your week.