17 Shelves That Will Make Your Desk Your New Favorite Spot

    Is that blank wall above your desk calling your name?

    Shelves can majorly transform a work space in a bedroom. But where to place them? How many? How big? Ugh. That wall can feel like a vast area of nothing. Or perhaps that old cork board is not doing your room any favors anymore. It really can be hard to get started and it may feel like too big of a project to take on. But as you will see from these 17 super stylized desks, shelves can totally make the space. Just choose a single, double or triple, and build out the rest of the wall from there. Then sit back and enjoy your new favorite spot!

    1. Double Up

    Instagram @thedesignchaser

    2. Mega Organized

    Instagram @weissweinschorle

    3. Golden Glory

    Instagram @homeyohmy


    4. Picture Perfect

    Instagram @love_siiarirose

    5. Mini Might

    Instagram @kelli_murray

    6. High Shelf

    Instagram @elina.styling

    7. Up to the Ceiling

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    8. Perfectly Off Centered

    Instagram @kate.lavie

    9. Full Width

    Instagram @taylor.dbeauty

    10. Double Floating

    Instagram @inspirationholic

    11. Single Floating

    Instagram @katezach_

    12. Above Board

    Instagram @polagram

    13. Peg Board Dreams

    Instagram @jessi_dreamcatcher_designs

    14. Trio

    Instagram @project12architecture

    15. Corner Nook

    Instagram @pilarwoloszyn

    16. Black and White Love

    Instagram @homeyohmy

    17. X Marks the Spot

    Instagram @onlydecolove

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