Ashley Graham – We Are More Than Our Measurements

    Photo: Instagram | Art: C. Leone

    This morning I was doing my normal social media swoop and this headline caught my eye: Ashley Graham Brushing Off The Body Shamers and Haters. So I clicked and read a letter from Ashley Graham to the world.

    Ashley tells us about how it feels to be body shamed. After she posted a photo to her Instagram account (the one in the white dress), some people were upset because she looked too slim and she was “selling out.” While others have criticized her for “promoting obesity.”

    I was confused. Confused by why people were getting so angry about her clothing size and how her body looks. The comments were mostly from her followers and fans which made me even more confused on why and how they so quickly turned on her when she posted a pic that they deemed not plus enough. I didn’t understand why people were acting personally betrayed by her looking slim in a pic, like it’s her body, she can look however she wants.

    I have been thinking a lot about body positivity and self-worth, and how little of it girls seem to have. We see these gorgeous models (most of the time photoshopped) and believe that’s the norm. Everyone should look like that or they are not good enough, not beautiful enough, not powerful enough. But those people are the 1%. Most people DON’T look like that.

    While hanging out with friends the other day, I realized that they all made comments about their bodies several times in an hour, saying their thighs were too big, or stomachs not flat enough. And these girls are gorgeous. They have beautiful bodies, but because of what they read and see, what I call body propaganda, they don’t think they are good enough. So, their self-esteem goes down, and they give their power to the boys and strangers, and feel worthless unless one wants them, and thinks they are hot, and beautiful, and worthy.

    I was 11 when I first thought about my body. I was 13 when I decided at 115 pounds my thighs were too “fat” and my stomach not “flat” enough. 13…thinking back about how I worked out all the time at that age so I could look like all the girls I saw in magazines and on TV, it makes me sooooooo sad. But I got over it and realized that my body IS MINE and I don’t have to look like everyone else. At 15, I am happy in my skin.

    I agree with Ashley Graham! We need to take our bodies back. Like Ashley said, “We are more than our measurements.” Our bodies our ours, and no one should be able to tell us what our bodies should be.

    So, yes! EMBRACE our bodies. We are beautiful. Appreciate what our bodies can do instead of obsessing over society’s idealistic little cookie cutter body mold. It doesn’t matter our size or weight, all that matters is that we are comfortable and happy.

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