Rustic Wood Headboard DIY: 3 Videos To Help You Create The Bed Of Your Dreams

    wood headboard DIY videos

    Headboards have a way of pulling an entire room together. You can have everything else dialed in but if your bed is sitting there looking all lonely without anything to anchor it, the room just feels undone. The problem is a wood headboard can be pretty expensive. That’s why we love a good DIY video to show us how to make things for a fraction of the cost.

    Here are three of our favorite DIYs for creating a rustic wood headboard starting from super easy, to moderately easy, to an advanced workshop style video. We were amazed at how straightforward the process was and how few materials were required for such a huge payoff. It’s worth looking at all three as an overview to see which one is right for you. You can also pick up special tips from each one to use when making your own unique headboard.

    1. Starting off with the easiest but still very stylish headboard from the Youtube channel of Nastazsa:

    What is so great about this one is that the wood sheets are super thin so they are easy to cut and work with. Nastasza just uses a $10 Xacto saw found on Amazon to cut her wood pieces. Remember to be oh so careful when using any tools. If you’ve never learned how to safely handle blades, here’s a video from Ace on proper saw usage to start you in the right direction.

    List of materials:

    Wood Sheets
    E6000 Glue
    Matte Finish
    Minwax Wood Stain
    Rust-Oleum Wood Stain

    2. Intermediate level headboard DIY from the Youtube channel of Sydney Jones:

    Stepping it up a notch in the ease level, this headboard DIY uses thicker wood purchased from a local lumber yard. You can also get wood like this from Lowes or Home Depot. Since you will be staining it and it should look rustic, just find the least expensive wood on sale.

    How good does it feel to make your own headboard? Sydney said she was “just so amazed I was able to make this from my two hands…it’s just crazy what you can make yourself….It totally completes my room.” And we totally agree. Gorgeous! Plus the string lights add the perfect finishing touch.

    List of materials:

    Dimensions are for a Queen sized bed:
    60″ W x 80″ L
    Wood – Overall Total number of Boards: 11
    (3) 1x6x12′
    *cut to 62″ long pieces (total of 6 boards)
    (2) 2x4x8′
    *cut to 56″ long pieces (total of 2 boards)
    (1) 1x2x8′
    *cut to 30″ long pieces (total of 3 boards)

    2.5″ screws
    1 1/4″ finishing nails
    Wood stain
    Polyurethane spray

    3. Advanced but doable with the right tools and experience from the Youtube channel of April Wilkerson:

    Okay, we are feeling some major workshop and skill envy on April’s Youtube channel. Here she effortlessly builds a headboard that goes with a queen bed frame she previously built. Check out the video and you can also download a free pdf with step by step plans on the build.

    List of materials and tools:

    4’ x 8’ 3/4” plywood
    1 1/4” brad nails
    Stain or paint
    Wood glue
    Wood veneer edge banding
    Plate joiner kit

    What’s your favorite video? Let us know if you plan on making a headboard for your room and don’t forget to sign up for the weekly Pirl newsletter.

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