Watch Livi’s Room Tour For Major Travel and Art Inspiration

    Livi with her cup series
    Livi with her cup series

    In the upstairs bedroom with windows overlooking an evening sky, Livi finishes working on her latest painting and imagines her future life in Belgium, as part of a year long student exchange program.

    Livi’s schedule has been jam packed with preparations and her minimalist, travel inspired room is the perfect spot for peaceful rejuvenation.

    What one notices first upon entering her room is a massive wall map that hangs the length of her bed in harmony with white contemporary furniture and bedding.

    “I got the wall map online and I use it to track where in the world I want to go and where in the world I’ve been.”

    Displayed along the windowsill is an ongoing collection of used paper coffee cups with different faces sketched on the surfaces. A future art installation. “It’s one of my favorite parts of my room.” says Livi.


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    Under the window and attached to the side of her bookshelves are various drawings and paintings she’s created. On the wall next to the desk where she works, a big butterfly poster acts as reference for the butterflies she likes to paint in many of her pieces. On her shelf sits a Buddha and candles for her meditation practice.


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    Every day, in this creative space, she is inspired to paint, sketch, and plan for her exciting days ahead. We can’t wait to hear about her next adventure.

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