Orange Crush Bedroom

    Serenity and fun are the two key design qualities for this cool and colorful girl’s bedroom.

    Source: 2Michaels

    Designers (and twin sisters!) Jayne and Joan Michaels of New York based design firm 2Michaels, used bright pops of orange and yellow to design this modern teenage girl’s bedroom, proving that a space doesn’t have to be full of frills to be feminine and be YOU.

    Since orange makes such a strong statement, it benefits from lighter balancing pieces that create a contemporary and calm look.

    The very vertical headboard was created from recycled birch panels, according to Decorati, and painted in bright citrus tones which added a geometric edge to the soft curtains and pale wool rug.

    Source: 2Michaels

    The gorgeous and unique wall piece is made from kites, with the diamond shapes adding a further softening counterbalance to all of the rectangles in the room.

    Source: 2Michaels

    Feeling inspired by this beautiful eclectic room and the vibrant change of seasonal colors? Thinking about how you might tackle your own version of this headboard? We know, we are!

    While you are thinking about it, you can easily bring autumn inside, by adding slip covers on your pillows and tossing a blanket at the foot of your bed in the spicy colors of changing leaves on the trees. Light a woodsy soy or beeswax candle in cinnamon and birch, and snuggle in to your sweet oasis. There’s always time for a little DIY on the weekend.