New Delhi Student Inspires With Her Art Journals

    Sixteen and based in New Delhi, India, Diya Gupta regularly creates and updates her Instagram dedicated to her unique art journal entries. With over four thousand followers, and endless ideas, she has spearheaded a popular art journal challenge aimed to help herself and other aspiring teen artists to overcome creative blocks, and become inspired by love, peace and wellness. We caught up with her to talk about her motivations, her love of reading and anything related to sugar.

    We love your use of poetry and art within your journals. Could you share with us how you get inspired for each piece?

    My creative process usually begins with me coming across a quote and interpreting its meaning and then expressing it in my journal. I first make a rough layout in my planner with a pencil and then grab my art supplies and work on it! I always work on my desk (which is ALWAYS messy) and listen to music while making my entries.

    diya-art journal eyes

    What art supplies do you work with the most?

    My favorite art supplies definitely include paints. I feel that they help in expressing my thoughts clearly and more vibrantly.

    I also like using magazine cutouts because I can’t draw human figures and faces that well.

    And yes, the supplies also include colored pens and a basic black sketch pen.

    art journal with drawing of face and flowers

    On the Importance of Art

    Art is not only defined by colors or paints. Art includes musicians, poets, dancers and many more. Anything that shows your imaginative skills and expresses your feelings is art. Art is and can be used as a mouthpiece for those who don’t know how to or can’t open up about their thoughts or feelings about something that is disturbing them or can be used as therapy for some.

    “ART should be used as a weapon against social stigmas and stereotypical thinking thus helping in breaking the mental barriers that exist in someone’s mind.”

    art journal with with words on equality

    On Her Art Journal Prompts 

    I created this challenge because I personally wanted to overcome my procrastination and keep on posting something. I chose abstract concepts like love, peace etc because I wanted to see what other people think about them.

    I get messages on a daily basis with people telling me how they are overcoming their creative blocks and procrastination because of my challenge.

    art journal inspiration prompts


    How do you spend your time when you aren’t in school or working on your journals?

    Whoever knows me, knows that I LOVE reading books. It acts like an escape from reality for me and helps me imagine and dream about the impossibilities and satisfy my curiosity at the same time.

    I also love listening to music. I am currently listening to Lana Del Rey. Music also is kind of my escape. It helps me in getting lost and trying to find my thoughts in my mind.

    Also, I love watching sitcoms and movies to chill and relax.

    art journal with girl on steps

    What is your workspace like?

    My desk is facing a huge glass window with lovely scenery outside. That really helps me in my thinking process.

    What does your room give to you?

    My favorite thing about being in my room is that nobody disturbs me while I am in there.

    desk with art journal and pens
    room with a view

    Diya’s Favorite Things

    l am a huge stationary junkie and love to collect stationary whether be it embossed notebooks or fancy pens. I want them all!

    I love this handwritten quote lettered by my sister which says “hustle hard”. Just the right kind of motivation you need in the morning!

    I am a foodie, too, and can’t say no to ANYTHING sugar related (Nutella is bae) or street food.

    I also have two teddy bears that provide me with warm hugs whenever I want them!


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