Goodbye… 🙁

by Aria

Goodbye, Alameda. I will miss you. I will miss your great weather, buildings, beaches, and most of all, your people.

I will miss my friends and family, and all of the other cool people I met. I will miss the awesome laughs and great smiles.

I will miss my school. Yeah, the one I was almost scared to death to enter when I first arrived.

I will miss being happy to be able to go to my school. Because I literally had THE BEST friends ever.

I will miss my awesome teachers.

I will miss my fun step­sister. The one I always caused mischief with.

I will miss my amazing step­mom who always pushed me to do well in school. Yeah, that’s why I’m a brainiac.

I will miss running to my moms and complaining to them because my siblings were being mean to me, or something happened at school.

I will miss waiting at the door of my step­sister and my bedroom on Christmas morning, waiting for the signal from our moms to come in and open presents with the whole family.

I have only been here for almost two years and now I have to move again. This is my fourth move. The fourth time I had to look on the sad faces of my friends and family as I walked away… Forever. OK, I lied. This time it’s not forever. But all the other times it was. I will visit. But I might not get to see my friends.

This might seem easy for me because I have done it four times, but it’s not. This was the hardest move for me yet. Why you ask? I’m twelve and I have a better understanding of what’s happening, and because all the other times I was just a little girl that thought we were going on a trip. I didn’t care I was moving because “Hey I get to live in a new house/in a new city/in a new state!”

This move was different from all of the others. I had people I actually CARED about. My best friends. And my family! I created a very strong bond between those people in such a short time. Before we established a real date on which we were moving, there was a CHOICE to move or not. And I was still deciding if I wanted to stay or move back to my hometown.

Then a couple days before Valentine’s Day, my mother explained to my siblings and me that we were going to move to Oregon on February 20th. I was excited at first, but I hadn’t really thought about leaving everyone behind as I would be moving on to a new place for the fourth time in my life.

Later, I found out the real reason we were moving. It’s a problem everyone has. The problem that separates families just like mine because we need it so badly to survive. The problem that if you lack this, then you will be sent on a journey to Streetville.

Money. Yep. One parent working to provide food and shelter for seven people wasn’t enough. My step­mother was working many jobs at once and still wasn’t making enough money. My mother didn’t have a job anymore and was working on getting a job. After many trips to Oregon, she finally got one. But the problem was, it wasn’t a well paying job.

I decided I was going to stay in Alameda for the rest of the school year, and then I would join my mother and my siblings in Oregon. The only thing I didn’t know – staying in Alameda wasn’t a choice anymore. My mom and my stepmom didn’t have enough money to let me stay. What I mean is, money can both be a good thing and it can also make you say goodbye to things, places and people that you love.

On the 18th of February, we began to pack our things. On the 20th, we loaded our essentials into the van my stepmom rented. We then got into the car, all squished up against each other. And like always, I was out of tears and ready to roll.

So this is goodbye. It was nice knowing you. Goodbye… 🙁


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