This Week’s Horoscope

    Whether you celebrate Halloween, Day of the Dead or Samhain, this week continues to align with yesterday’s powerful New Moon in Scorpio reminding us to take a moment in the darkness to remember those who came before, honor the shifting of the season, and plant new seeds that will germinate over the winter and bloom in the spring.

    This week be sure to notice how the sun lies low in the sky, how the shadows deepen and what looks different right now. Perspective can lead to great wisdom.

    What magical gift will be presented to you this week? Check both your Sun and Rising signs!

    1. Scorpio

    Be bold, be brave, trust that the Universe has your back. This is your time of year to show all of us how to enjoy the growing darkness instead of lamenting the loss of light. You can teach us how to remember our inner radiance and how to use let it shine onto our paths. Your gift this week is about feeling more and more confident. It’s been a rather long year for you and it’s your turn to feel good, better, and best. Whether you have a school project or a brilliant new story to write, you are being given what you need right now for success.

    2. Aries

    Time to hone your skills at listening and hearing what people are saying beneaththeir words. Becoming skilled at listening is a powerful asset. There are at least 3 levels of listening: internal listening where you are really listening to what you want to say in response; focused listening where you are really hearing your friend and staying curious without any judgment; and global listening which is more intuitive an allows you to hear, feel and see the energy of your friend. The Scorpio New Moon is nudging you to explore how you are listening and improve!

    3. Taurus

    Your special gift for this week is a bit unusual – you are asked to share of yourself more this week. This won’t be a problem at all as you are feeling very gracious and cheerful when you are with friends and family you love. Relationship skills are always worth improving and the Scorpio New Moon is giving you a boost by reminding you of your connection to others, your desire to create harmonious friendships, and your ability to ‘work on’ friendships by learning new communication skills and practicing them!

    4. Gemini

    It’s time to sort a few things out in your life. The New Moon energy this week brings you a very special gift: remembering that you need to take care of yourself! After a social weekend, you know you want to get more rest and recommit to the daily routines that help you get through each day and week. Whether it is scheduling time for homework or exercise or even just making sure you eat breakfast in the morning, you know you feel more alive and refreshed as you do what you need for YOU. The magic you can share is amplified when you are feeling at your best!

    5. Cancer

    Your confidence is getting a huge boost this week! The energy of the new moon is opening you up to even more creative experiences. In the practical realm of school, this means that you will move through new projects and papers with more ease as long as you think outside the box! Being more bold with your ideas and having more energy to back them up supports your confidence and your grades. Relationships are always part of the equation and this week is no exception. Be creative in how you reach out and see how things shift!

    6. Leo

    You know that a good strong support system is key to having a full life. You want to enjoy school, friends, concerts, family…well…just about everything! This week, the new moon gives you a chance to look at your support system. Who is there for you? Who has your back? Who really wants you to enjoy your experiences? You are known for taking charge and making sure people have a great time at an event or a party. But who does that for you? This is a great week to find out. And when you do, be sure to thank them and honor them as a powerful priority in your life.

    7. Virgo

    You are very attuned to how you speak and interact with others. “Deeds, not words” is a motto you understand. This week, you are being asked to really look at your words. How well are you communicating what you need and want? How are people responding to your texts, messages, and conversations? How well are you writing those papers for English? The new moon is gifting you with an opportunity to improve in all areas of communication! You will be able to use your natural gifts to communicate more clearly and effectively. Have fun!

    8. Sagittarius

    What a wonderful week to slow down and spend some quiet time with you. Things are about to get super-charged between your natural exuberance and all the holiday events. In addition, you know you’ve got some work to finish and you’d rather play. By taking the time now to ‘get things done’, you’ll be able to relax later in the ways you most enjoy. The New Moon is calling you inward at the exact right time so you can truly be the life of the party and stay energized throughout the holiday months.

    9. Capricorn

    Feeling more secure with your circle of friends is one of the many gifts of this new moon. Reconnecting to friends you have not seen in a while may happen this week in an unexpected way. Presenting ideas to friends or speaking in front of your class will be easier than you can imagine. Do you notice that you have more confidence? Feeling this good radiates and you have an effect on all those around you. This is helpful in many parts of your life whether it is school, work, volunteering in the community or at home. Remember to take note of how great it feels to be fully you.

    10. Aquarius

    This week you get a chance to start over and set new goals and intentions! The Scorpio New Moon is giving everyone an opportunity to dive deep and connect with the deeper visions. You can really use this energy to recreate your life in ways that bring you the best possible outcomes. As you transition fully into Fall, what do you want to have accomplished? What is next on your list? You are being given the energy to help all your dreams come true. The year is not over yet.

    11. Pisces

    This Scorpio New Moon is right up your alley! You love to dive deep; you really don’t know any other way. And this time of year, the mystery and magic are available to help enjoy new adventures, new friends, or a new mindset. Whatever shifts in your life after this week, you know it’s the right kind of change for you because you are ready! You thrive when you indulge in your imagination and this week is just amplifying your super powers. Enjoy the energy! You deserve the new and exciting experiences just around the corner!

    12. Libra

    Tuning into all of your senses will yield fabulous results this week and beyond. As you move through your week, remember to slow down and connect with each experience and person in ways that allow you to hear, sense, feel, taste, smell and see everything you can. What do you appreciate about your life? Your friendships? Your experiences? How might you make more of your joy tangible this week? A good dose of self-care will go a long way – maybe it’s finally time for that pampering you’ve been putting off for too long.

    About the Author

    Denise Elizabeth Byron is a teacher, guide, and counselor. Every week, Denise will have a new focus and theme for each astrological sign. “Your astrology will guide you to your very best, most radiant self. Remember, the Universe loves you!” You can find more information and support on Denise Elizabeth Byron’s Tumblr page.

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