This Week’s Horoscope

    Excellent communication goes hand in hand with feeling confident. Right now, Communications Specialist Mercury is jetting through Libra. As it connects with Jupiter this week, Mercury’s messages expand to give us more than just a hint of what we can learn from the cosmos.

    Mercury in Libra reminds us that we have a voice that can be used to share information, ask questions, and speak for those who, for whatever reason, cannot. Fairness, equality, and justice are all qualities of Libra. Mercury wants you to remember those themes as you communicate in a gentle but detailed way.

    When it’s not retrograde, Mercury moves pretty fast – think of the ‘winged messenger’! In spite of the momentum, you can enjoy an extra special moment with the planet of opportunity that creates a little more magic than usual. How you use this magic is up to you!

    When you read your Sun Sign, you’ll get part of the message, the rest lies with your Rising Sign.

    1. Libra

    Your normal calm demeanor is igniting into a bit of a mischievous sizzle this week. Mercury and Jupiter have you a bit more restless than usual and even a bit more distracted. How can you use the lively energy to create an interesting paper or speech? How can you use the adaptable energy of your sign to speak up for what’s most important right now? “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”


    2. Aries

    Yes, you always love a good debate. It’s true. But this week’s message has a bit of a twist. Instead of fighting the good fight alone, Aries, you get to see who else is around to support your cause, right the injustices, or just lend a hand (or an ear or a voice). You are vibrant, and you almost always have a good reason for communicating with vigor and enthusiasm. Other people want to participate and learn with and from you – enjoy the company!


    3. Taurus

    This week you are going to remember to focus on detail. Your mind is whirring like helicopter blades and you are ready to move whatever work you need to accomplish. College essays? Check. Term papers? Check. Social media? Not so much. Mercury says it’s time to really focus on the communication that makes a difference. You can catch up with friends in a few weeks. A little focus now goes a long way for future endeavors.


    4. Gemini

    Witty? Humorous? Entertaining? Why, yes you are, and this week is no exception. What is different is that you have a stronger sense of self-esteem. Your creative expression is sparkling. If there is anything in the realms of drama, debate, singing, or speaking that you want to explore, this is the time! You are golden right now and can learn a lot about conquering any fears you might have about using your voice especially if you are enthusiastic about what you have to say.


    5. Cancer

    You are more imaginative than usual this week! You always enjoy coming up with plans for your home and your room. Right now, you have access to a stream of creativity that rivals some of your more unusual ideas for redecorating. You have a sense of history this week, a sense of what others might need in the home to keep it lively and family oriented. Using those ideas for the benefit of others is part of Mercury’s gift for you right now.


    6. Leo

    You tend to be curious about your domain, making sure you know what’s happening. After all, you must rule your kingdom. This week your curiosity leads you to more reading and exchanging of ideas on behalf of others. You will find yourself more talkative than usual, and your choice of topics is aligned with current trends. What are you learning? How are you participating? Have you noticed how much more confident you feel these days?


    7. Virgo

    Being practical is second nature for you. Using your intelligent and methodical methods to proofread any paper or speech is generally very easy for you. This week, you might find that what interests you is a little out of your comfort zone. Your responses are important – they show you where you have grown in your confidence. And they point out where you might want to value yourself a bit more. What is calling to you? What needs your particular attention to detail?



    8. Scorpio

    You are naturally an excellent confidante. You know how to keep important information in its rightful place. This week, you are being asked to be even more discreet, if that’s possible! People like to share their stories with you and they want to know that you are trustworthy. Make sure you keep the faith this week and communicate with truth in all that you do. Listening with your heart is the first step.


    9. Sagittarius

    When have you not been curious about people? You are often the center of attention because you know how to ask questions. You know how to communicate well and enthusiastically. This week, you’re being asked to get involved in a group or community effort. You are naturally gifted as a leader, so be curious about what is wanted from you and see how you want to respond. Your presence makes a difference in many ways you cannot see.


    10. Capricorn

    You are often efficient with your language. Mercury’s visit gives you a little bit more stimulation and you find yourself saying a lot more than usual. How can you use this energy? Your language skills make it easy for you to write or speak in public even when you feel shy. Your confidence will strengthen this week with your focus on a message. So, what needs to be written? What needs to be shared? Follow your own lead and see what surfaces.


    11. Aquarius

    Inspiring is often a word people use to describe you. Your hunger for new and unusual experiences is legendary. Right now you are thirsting for knowledge. Studying and learning something new gives you energy. What would combine your need for some adventure with stimulating conversation? Keep in mind that your openness to what is unique gives you a clue to what you might want to know more about right now.


    12. Pisces

    People are truly fascinating. You are even more interested than usual in understanding people’s mysterious motivations and psychological secrets. This is a great time to write a paper that requires a strong inquiring and investigative mind. Or you might create a new strategy for a project that has been eluding you up until now. Either way, you have the edge this week. Be curious. Keep your ears and eyes open. There’s a mystery to solve. 

    About the Author

    Denise Elizabeth Byron is a teacher, guide, and counselor. Every week, Denise will have a new focus and theme for each astrological sign. “Your astrology will guide you to your very best, most radiant self. Remember, the Universe loves you!” You can find more information and support on Denise Elizabeth Byron’s Tumblr page.

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