Your Horoscope For This Week

    Open Hearts Create More Love.

    This week emphasizes a love of the bigger picture, a love of life, the love of new ideas, the love of unique experience, and the love you have for dear friends.

    As you read your Sun and Rising Signs, consider what it is you want to commit to long term. How are you reviewing the end of the year? What are the qualities you are bringing to your friendships? And how do you want to spend time in your community right now?


    By Wednesday, you will notice a shift in how much you are enjoying your life. Even if homework is piling up before the holiday break, you seem to have a smile on your face as you listen to music while writing papers, finish up science homework, and plan more than a few social events. As you head toward the weekend, you will know it is time for you take a serious look at your big vision. Your future definitely includes your unique way of being in the world. We are counting on you to share your inventiveness. You are designed to create opportunities that help others. What is your next step?


    It’s a good thing that you are naturally attuned to getting your work done before setting out to play. And, thank goodness you are industrious. By mid-week you are ready to play, to shop, to do art projects, to gift wrap, to sing carols, to plan holiday parties. Your festive spirit is contagious! This week you get to teach us all how to balance play with an abiding commitment to practical priorities and to what really matters. Your deep sensitivity is just below the surface and you are keenly aware of your feelings even if you don’t always share them with others. Your emotions will lead you to more simple pleasures – time with friends is top on the list.


    You’ve been experiencing a lot more visibility this year. How have you enjoyed the spotlight? You’ve done well. Even so, you might enjoy this week’s shift toward spending a bit more time with your inner artist, your inner soul mate, and your inner best friend. You’re used to looking at the bigger picture. You deserve a respite that will fill your soul with wonder. After you finish up those last assignments, take some time to look at all the festive lights and decorations. Smell the delicious aromas in the air. Listen to the carols being sung in the streets. Wait…before you think you’ve stepped back in time to a Dickens’ novel, remember this is a time of joy, peace, love. Let it flow over you and you’ll be ready for the new year.


    You are ready for short trips and bringing your generous and playful self to holiday gatherings. You are ready for great conversation with friends and family. You are ready for an adventure worth planning. Truth is, you’ve got some work to finish before all the festivities get started. What is the bigger picture for you? What are the goals you’ve wanted to complete before the end of 2016? You still have a few more weeks. And on Saturday, you have time to review, recommit or revise. Your legendary optimism is much needed this time of year. How are you taking care of yourself to make sure you have the energy to enjoy life on your terms?


    This week as Venus takes up residence in a part of your chart that represents family, you feel the pull to be home, to create a beautiful space for others to enjoy. As you decorate, remember that your depth is needed for the next year. In order to prepare, you can take this week to consider what it is you are willing to do to support your goals. School, work, friends, family, community – they all mean something to you. What priorities make your heart sing right now? Remember you get to have some fun, too. We count on you to help us through the tough times. When asked, you will always lend a hand especially to a friend or family member. The holidays often create a mixture of emotions. You are ready with a cozy invitation for brilliant conversation.


    You are definitely ready for that special kind of play that lifts spirits, helps others, and is filled with creativity. In fact, right now it is time to recommit to your creative and playful self. Once a year, you are reminded that under your more poised exterior is a bit of a wild artist. Balancing your homework with fun is on the agenda for the next month. Before your time away from school starts, you will need to finish outstanding projects. You might be tempted to procrastinate, but you’ll be happier if you get things completed and then relax and enjoy the festivities or quiet time for your artist self to express herself. You need both for that equilibrium that you were designed to seek, explore and master.


    You are known for your very committed approach to life. Friends, work, school – you have it dialed in for success. Right now, take a moment to experience how much you are valued not just for your efforts and refined ways of being, but for you being you. This week you are ready to look beyond your desk and see how much joy and fun is right there waiting for you. In fact, the party does not start without your presence. With Venus moving through a particular area of your chart this week, you will see how much joy you bring to others. But be prepared – you will also experience how much more ease you have in your life when you involve friends and co-workers in your life. Commit to both giving and receiving and you’ll be ready for 2017.


    Your month starts with a different energy than you’ve had most of the year – you are feeling much more like coffee dates with friends rather than social events, large groups, or parties. You are ready to catch up starting mid-week. You’ve sharpened your listening skills and are eager to touch base with loved ones. Time at school is spent with more of an emphasis on partnering to get homework completed and turned in on time. As you reach the weekend, you’re remembering a bigger commitment that you made to yourself. Does this goal still feel important? How might you re-commit or let it go? Your deeper listening skills apply to yourself as well. Be curious. What do you hear?


    You are feeling the depth of all that is going on around you right now. It’s important to keep your focus on what (and who) is (are) close to you. You are no stranger to intense feelings and you want to make sure that you feel safe enough to share what is on your mind and heart. Being water sign means you are very sensitive. How can you take care of yourself in order to use this gift in the best way? Listening both to friends and to your own inner voice is powerful. Creating positive relationships through excellent communication and sharing authentically is part of what you are striving to do this week. As Saturday approaches, you will begin to feel into the goals you want to accomplish. Remember to listen carefully.


    Your flair for communication takes a big leap this week. Hard to believe there was more ground to cover, but by Wednesday, you are feeling even more enthusiasm and optimism than usual and you want to share. If you have an opportunity to travel this month, you will feel more fulfilled than usual. If you are staying home for the holidays, crank up the volume on the Travel Channel or start researching for a project that includes learning about other cultures. Your desire to learn something new is powerful and meant to be shared. As you think about your long-term commitments, remember to include lots of adventure.


    You feel good this week! The big deadlines that dredged up more stress than you intended are in the past, and you can spend some time celebrating after Wednesday. As you begin to feel yourself relax, you can reacquaint yourself with the charming and affectionate parts that live inside of you. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Acknowledge how much work you’ve completed and before you jump to thinking about what is next, take a moment and congratulate yourself. You deserve to enjoy the feeling of success, so you can remember and take it with you into the new year.


    You are a powerful force in the world ready to take on the role of a warrior (think Zena). You’re not afraid of debate. You don’t really want to start them, but if someone else does, you won’t back down. This week get ready to feel more love and peace and joy and harmony. That’s right, it’s time to feel a little of the holiday spirit especially while spending time with friends. You can use your passion to finish up projects. You can use your creativity to connect with the goals percolating for the next year. Right now, feel the love. Enjoy your time with friends and smile.

    About the Author

    Denise Elizabeth Byron is a teacher, guide, and counselor. Every week, Denise will have a new focus and theme for each astrological sign. “Your astrology will guide you to your very best, most radiant self. Remember, the Universe loves you!” You can find more information and support on Denise Elizabeth Byron’s Tumblr page.

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