These DIY Decals Will Take Your Walls To The Next Level

    We're obsessed.

    Blank walls can be pretty intimidating. Painting them is a bit of a big project that requires some thought, planning and time. Sometimes we aren’t even allowed to changed them at all, if living in a rental or dorm room.

    That’s why we absolutely love these adorable and easy to apply (and remove!) wall decals. In less than an hour, you can totally transform your walls. Bye bye blank walls. Hello inspiration.



    In the confetti style wall from Lovely Indeed, 2″ gold polka dots are applied as if the confetti is floating down onto the desk. So cute! It makes this desk a place you would actually want to be.

    You can also do an entire wall or make the dots symmetrical and in a pattern. Some dot styles also come imperfect in shape, so they look like they are actually painted by hand.



    Decals come in so many cute designs.

    Whatever your current love, you are bound to find something that speaks to you. And the best part? You can always change them out for something different.

    The beauty of impermanence!








    Try applying them on the ceiling for a super galactic experience.

    Shop the decals in this story at WallsNeedLove and Trendy Peas.

    Share your favorites. Which decals could you see adding to your room?