Yesterday morning along with the rest of the world, I was completely Jungshook with the release of not only the most aesthetic video of 2017, BTS’s “DNA”, but also with the release of their new highly anticipated album “HER”. Let’s just say I think my emotions are permanently broken. Everything about the music video for DNA was pure perfection from their coordinated clothes to their constantly changing hair colors. I was okay until an image of teal? Blue? Suga came along and yeah….

The inspiration hit to match each member’s hair to a paint color because bedroom walls need to be coordinated.

Kicking things off with every ARMY’s favorite maknae, Jungkook, I was living for light brown kookie, as it’s the lightest we have ever seen his hair since debut. It looked so soft like a baby fawn or something ridiculously cute like that.


I think looking at this video, Tae was the main visual focus (no hate) not only was he flawless in every aspect but he managed to pull off 3 different colors and styles in this video. The fluffy grey hair hurt me on a deep rooted level, I can’t even describe the color, someone ask Guy Tang to make my hair like this?


Now I promise I’m not too massively biased towards Rapmon, I promise I don’t favor namjoon, you can totally trust me:) Not his cute little flippy blush hair that reminds me of Natsu from Fairytail nor his little awkward Dance Monster dance, so we will not be discussing it further. His everything was perfection. End of story.

rap monster-hair-paint-pirl

After blonde Jin, I didn’t think we would ever be that shook over Jin’s hair again. I admit my mistakes. I was wrong. A judgement flaw on my part. I get it Big Hit, I get it. Something about black haired Jin is just ridiculously gorgeous. It’s like his worldwide handsome was taken, then multiplied several times for good measure, and voila you have Jin in DNA. I’m also really happy that Jin actually got lines!!


After watching Serendipity I decided that blonde Jimin was my favorite look, and DNA solidified that thought. I think fluffy, buttery sunshine is my new aesthetic. I love that his hair is curly and long and beautiful. I’m so affected that I can’t possibly describe in a logical way.


J-Hope is officially a flower everyone, a beautiful pumpkin spice looking angel smiling upon us in his rainbow Gucci sweater. I have no shame in admitting that I got down when hobi started rapping. 3 words: foxy, spicy, and loveeeee. J-Hope has my heartu.


At last we come to the highlight of this article, Suga. Ahh the conspiracy theories that surround Suga’s hair and BTS’s album covers. I’m not going to get in to the fact that he does in fact match the album once again, instead I will focus on how BOMB Suga looks with blue hair. This is the epitome of Suga’s hair journey. When I first saw the teaser for DNA featuring Suga’s new color, I couldn’t deal with how good he looked. It’s ridiculous. Look at the COLORS!!!


In conclusion, I am living for this comeback and I need music videos for all the other tracks ASAP, please Big Hit I need them now! Go watch DNA right now and share your favorite snaps and moments. Also who was your favorite vocal in this track?