This Anime Inspired DIY Will Bring Some Magic Into Your Life

    It’s another beautiful day outside but after seeing these adorable anime DIYs all we want to do is stay in and marathon Hayao Miyazaki films.

    In this latest DIY from the YouTube channel of simply_kenna, she shares how to make soot sprite earrings and a headband with just a few supplies.

    Soot sprites, aka dust bunnies, show up in both Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. They also make frequent appearances in our rooms under the bed and in the corners! We wish they looked more like the ones in the video.

    The third DIY is a sweet pillow in the form of Artemis, the guardian and advisor cat to Minako in Sailor Moon.



    Soot Sprite Headband
    pom poms – black medium
    googly eyes – medium
    star beads – multi colored
    hot glue Gun

    Soot Sprite Earrings
    all of the above minus the headband
    earring bases
    needle and thread

    Sailor Moon Pillow
    white felt – ½ yard
    pillow stuffing
    fabric – pink
    gold fabric paint OR
    metallic gold iron on paper
    hot glue gun


    Also check out the Write Here Write Now poem on Kenna’s channel.

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