Watch: 5 Chill Things To Do By Yourself

    How To Thrive On A Low Budget

    In the first video from the How To Thrive On A Low Budget series, Zaida shares 5 things she likes to do while hanging out by herself.

    “I’m an only child so I spend a lot of time alone. Either you can let yourself feel fully engulfed by your solitude and melt into a puddle of bad feelings or you can seize the day and have a really fulfilling fun time just with yourself.”

    Agreed. It’s so easy to sleep late, eat breakfast at noon and then wander off to some dark space in the house, even though we know how much better we feel when we motivate to get outside. But what to do when our friends are already busy for the day (or quietly sinking deeply into their own curtain drawn room)?

    Zaida to the rescue!

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