Watch: 5 Chill Things To Do By Yourself

In the first video from the How To Thrive On A Low Budget series, Zaida shares 5 things she likes to do while hanging out by herself. "I'm an only child so I spend a lot...

Watch: Light Box DIY And Design Ideas

Light boxes are a super fun addition to a bedroom and since they are back-lit like a movie theater sign, they add a sweet ambient light to any space. You can get creative by changing...

Watch: THE KISS OF DECEPTION Book Review – Best Teen Books

The Kiss of Deception is the first book in Mary E. Pearson's Remnant Chronicles and finds a spot on our Best Teen Books List. Books two and three, The Heart of Betrayal and The Beauty of...


7 Favorite Fall Teen Room Decor Videos

It's fall! And you know what that means. It's time to get out the pumpkin spice candles and heat up the glue gun. What seems to be the reoccurring theme this season? Leaves. Leaves....

Weekly Fave | Fairy Lights

This week's favorite is Fairy Lights. As it gets colder I start to spend more time cuddled up in my bed, and one of the things I have loved ever since middle school are these pretty...

Watch Livi’s Room Tour For Major Travel and Art Inspiration

In the upstairs bedroom with windows overlooking an evening sky, Livi finishes working on her latest painting and imagines her future life in Belgium, as part of a year long student exchange program. Livi’s schedule...



This week's favorite is First Rains. My favorite time of the year is when the air is damp and chilly, and everything sparkles with water droplets. That time of year has finally come! I feel like there are so many people who don’t like the stormy, gray weather in fall, but I've never understood why. I think one of the absolute...


glitter for pirl horoscope

Your Horoscope For The Week Of January 16th

Creativity reigns supreme this week…after you take the cosmic opportunity to heal any rough spots that keep you from being fully self-expressive. Sometimes we need a boost from the Universe to keep us moving in...


19 Cute Backpacks That Will Make Back To School Majorly More Comfortable

CuteThere are SO many cute backpacks for back to school. Trust us! We've spent days pouring over thousands of packs. Comfy But we had a mission! This list contains backpacks that are both stylish AND comfortable....


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